“Evil isn’t born, it’s made”

What makes villains villainous? They certainly aren’t born craving power and revenge. I don’t think that humans are naturally born evil. Something in their life must have had such a profound affect on them that it changed their lives forever. This question is something I’ve always wondered about. Not as a child watching Snow White […]

Different perspectives, different goals

Most people get rather intimidated when they hear the word “innovation.” And when asked to innovate something, it’s even worse. “What, do you want me to make the iPhone 6?” But I found that innovation is something different than that. When we look at how ideas are created, most people remember the famous quote of […]

The SAT: A measure of college readiness or the weight of your wallet?

Everyone knows far and wide that the SAT is the most commonly used test for college admissions. That it is a way to showcase your achievements and demonstrate your college readiness. But I have older siblings you see, and they didn’t score as well as my classmates do on average today. Its not that my […]