“Evil isn’t born, it’s made”

What makes villains villainous? They certainly aren’t born craving power and revenge. I don’t think that humans are naturally born evil. Something in their life must have had such a profound affect on them that it changed their lives forever.

This question is something I’ve always wondered about. Not as a child watching Snow White of course, but as I’ve grown older it has sparked some interest in my mind. Disney movies always focus on the innocent princess in harms way because the bad guy wants to hurt people, but how did he/ she get there in the first place?


In the television series Once Upon A Time the childhood of Regina, the evil Queen, is thoroughly explored. Regina was in love with a stable boy, and when her mother found out she eventually killed him. This was the spark in the Queen’s life. The monster had been made. Thus we can see how and why the cuts from her childhood created the scars we see in the Queen.


In the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, the Queen’s story is also unfolded. As a child she was very poor, and the one thing her mother said to her before being killed was for her to guard her beauty. She performed a spell to help her preserve it. Hence the Queen’s incredibly strong obsession with her looks.

And lastly there is Sleeping Beauty. Recently the trailer was released for Maleficent starring the amazing Angelina Jolie, which I am incredibly excited to see (especially with Lana Del Rey’s haunting version of Once Upon a Dream). Clearly, just by the title we can expect to see her story unfolded. I wonder who she was before, and just how she became who we see her as today.

I guess when folks were writing up these stories they tried not to focus on the bad guys. Since, first of all they are children’s movies. But I also think that the psychoanalyzing of the villain’s past can tend to create some sympathy for them, or at least for who they used to be. Ultimately I suppose it doesn’t really matter though because, at least in my opinion, there is never an excuse for evil.


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