There is no Privacy Anymore

Reading through Frankenstein you see that the beginning of the story consists of letters written only to one person. Yet the audience is reading it. This sets the tone for a more personalized novel and works beautifully.

One thing about letters I have noticed is the secrets you can hide in them. Too bad no one writes letters anymore; though that might not be entirely true.

I have a friend who is very passionate about writing letters. Receiving a letter in the mail not about college or school is pretty surprising. It really made my day. Of course, being me I simply replied by email. Come on, where the heck am I supposed to get stamps? (I already know the answer.)

As had come up as a topic of discussion earlier, how do we tell secrets nowadays? Are there even any secrets? With technology and social media, it would appear not.


And I am convinced that there pretty much isn’t privacy anymore. Everything is recorded and saved. If it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. And when you see things like a husband recording his wife’s temper tantrum on Youtube, you wonder, “Why the heck am I watching this? I don’t even know these people!” Their problems shouldn’t really be anyone else’s business.

Paparazzi stalk celebrities to catch the latest dirt on their lives. If I were a celeb then that’d drive me crazy.

I feel that people go digging and searching for other people’s personal problems and secrets to stir up tension. I’m pretty sure it has always been this way. Secrets have always existed. But today, they aren’t found in letters in a box underneath your bed, they are on your news feed.


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