Mini is Fun Size

So I’ve already told you a snippet about the healthy stuff, now here is the not so healthy part.

I love baking. I love baking for people and making others happy. But until recently I haven’t noticed that just maybe, perhaps, it could be that baked goods are not the best things for people? Including myself, of course.

You know, you may think that “oh, its only once in a while, come on, its life. Just enjoy it.” And yes, all of that is true- but, for some people it may not be a once-in-a-while thing.

And I’ve mentioned this before, but when you’re a kid you can eat all the loads of sugar and bread you want and you’ll be totally fine. But, once you stop growing up, you start growing to the sides, or so is the general norm.

And I’ve pondered about this quite a bit,  and I’ve made up my mind (finally). It isn’t my responsibility to make sure others are taking care of their health. Whenever I do give advice, usually people, well, don’t listen to me. Well then OK, let me just say though- I may not look like a model or whatever, but I still know a good deal about health. Geez.

The only thing I can do is put my ideas out there, and if anyone finds them inspiring or worthwhile (as I hope they do), then that would be great.

Anyways, recently I sort of hosted a family get together type thing at my parents’ place. And with any party (or any good party) there should be good desserts. Makes sense, right?

And because of what I have just mentioned, I was a bit skeptical on what I should make. Should I make something that was light on the calories? Gluten free? Sugar free? And while I do have some pretty good recipes for all of those things, it isn’t party befitting. And not to mention, way to expensive. So instead, I stuck to my regular style.

For dessert I made mini red velvet cupcakes-

and mini caramel toffee cheesecake bars. The toffee making was a pain, but it all worked out in the end. Oh well, more on that later!

And for appetizers (gasps- she cooks, sorta?!?) I made mini mac and cheese bites along with guacamole and blue tortilla chips (These guys are so cool. They taste like regular tortilla chips but, they’re blue.). We also had a veggie tray with red pepper hummus.

So yes, I tried to keep everything dainty and small. Like party finger food. And, I have to say I think it was a success, but then at the same time, not.

Oh, and for the mac and cheese I took the bread crumb mixture that is normally sprinkled on top of a baked mac and cheese and used it on the bottom as a base! That way they wouldn’t fall apart. And then some chopped chives for a little decor.

I loved all of the new recipes I tried out. But, I thought that keeping things mini would make people eat less. I thought they’d grab one mini cupcake rather than a regular sized one. I thought they’d get a cheesecake bar, not a whole slice. Yeah, I saw some people take 3 cupcakes.

But who knows? Maybe they got one for a friend? Though, I highly doubt it.

*An apology for the bad pictures. I tried to get shots but people were in the way. Then they left the ‘ugly’ ones, which explains the cheesecake picture, hah.


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