It’s worth it

For me, at the very least, I always find that I try way to hard to make something perfect, then in the end it never turns out the way I planned it to.

I’m always making goals, and never reaching them.

Whether its in the amount of homework I do one day, how healthy I’ll keep my diet, or how well I do at a club carnival, I find that I never ever ever reach my goal. I always end up being disappointed.

This year is my first year as a club president, my first year doing actual work. And it is a big deal for me. There isn’t really anyone to counsel me on what I should do, the club board all graduated last year.

Today we had a Halloween Carnival at our school, and I thought that we’d sell out of our goods- which was salted caramel mochas and pumpkin spice lattes. I stayed up till 2 last night making everything from scratch. Everything. The caramel sauces, the chocolate syrup, and the pumpkin spice syrup. The caramel was the real killer. Its the tricky one all right. I had to struggle to get the caramelized sugar and the heavy cream into a smooth mixture, since the caramel sugar seized when the heavy cream was added. Yup. Lots and lots and lots of stirring.

I like to take the time to make things the homemade way, for whatever occasion. Its just so much more special than store bought products, because someone took the time to make it, when they easily could have simply purchased it.

That being said, I was disappointed that our club didn’t sell out, because I worked extremely hard for this. But in the end we did make a profit, just not as large as one I had hoped for.

So I now realize that it wasn’t a total waste of time. I worked hard for something, and got the chance to experience something as well. And now I can really look at what went wrong this time and try to make next time even better.

Just remember, if you are ever struggling and feel that the cause or reason you are acting upon isn’t worth the struggle, it is. Truly, its the experience that matters, that counts.

Making large goals and missing them is better than making smaller goals and reaching them. Because it means that you aren’t challenging yourself to do better. And slowly, you will see yourself becoming better. But keep setting your goals higher. Challenge yourself. You’d be surprised to see what you can accomplish.Image


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