Starting Small and Aiming Big: the H 2 your O

Although I do enjoy baking quite a bit, I also have rather recently been paying closer attention to the foods I eat. This doesn’t just mean limiting the foods I cannot eat, but it also means having to eat what my body needs to stay healthy and strong. You see, when you’re young you can treat your body pretty badly, but no matter what it usually always fixes itself right up. But when you get older, that starts to happen less and less.

And you might be thinking- well, since I’m young now I don’t have to worry about my diet, I’ll worry about that when I’m older. I mean exercising and all, I don’t have time for that now! But I’ll make time in the future.

But let me ask you this- if you don’t have the time right now, what makes you think you’ll have time in the future?

Another point I’d like to bring up is that, the sooner you make something a habit, the easier it is to have it stick with you in the future. So if you train yourself to be healthy now, it’ll be much easier for you in the future, not only because you’ve gotten a head start, but also because it’ll have become a habit to you by then.

And for me thus far, I’ve found that the most important thing about starting a change in your lifestyle is doing all that you can to make sure that it stays just that, a lifestyle. And this means, starting small and aiming big.

A lot of times you here those stories about individuals who diet very intensely for about a month or two, then they’ll suddenly have a slice of pizza and completely lose control. Next thing you know they’re back to their old ways, or worse, and usually have gained more weight than they had prior to their change in diet.

These people tend to focus most on the end result, and they want those results quickly. But the thing is, weight loss, or more correctly being healthy, can only happen through hard work through exercise and a thorough cleaning of one’s diet. Instead on focusing on being thin or fit, focus on being healthy.

One of the ways to make sure a clean diet stays long term is by having cheat meals or “yolo meals” about once a week to keep one from losing their sanity. And indulgence once in a while is NOT a bad thing! In fact, there is this rule that has 80% of food being healthy and the leftover 20% unhealthy, which of course may not seem like much but in reality is more than enough. Anyways, that’s for another post…

For now, lets focus on one small step- drinking enough water. Instead of first focusing on what you cannot have in your diet, think about what you need to stay healthy, and add those things in. You’ll probably find that you are unconsciously leaving out some other things that you don’t need in your diet.

So water. Our bodies our made up of around 60% of it. I’m sure its important. But just why is that?

Image Well, that pretty much sums it up. Not much else to say. But if you were curious of just how much water to drink in a day, let me tell ya.

We’ve all heard of it, “drink 8 8 oz glasses of water a day.” But is that actually correct? The answer is no. The amount of water you should drink varies from person to person and it depends on body weight and the amount of exercise a person does daily. The general rule of thumb I follow is divide your weight by 2, and that is roughly how many ounces of water you should drink daily. Some say that to lose weight you should drink more than that, by about 8 or 16 ounces, depending. Just remember not to over do it. Too much of a good thing can never be good.

For some reason I see that people can sometimes have a hard time drinking water. That’s why there are flavor packs in the grocery stores and juices all around. And I’ll admit, I once hated drinking water too. But eventually, you’ll realize that you actually need water, and the habit will grow on you. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it.

I hope I inspired you to start considering your health just a little bit more. And remember, its all about taking the little steps…


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